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How to select the laser engraver machine for differents materials

There are three types of the laser engraver machine 

Uv laser marking machine for glass, 

co2 laser marking machine for wood , acrylic ,glass,

fiber laser marking machine for metal mianly , 

Some of the Laser Marking Applications are:

1) Deep laser etching: Deep laser etching is an exceptionally extraordinary use of laser industry.

2) Laser Ablation/Surface Removal: This procedure is normally used to expel paint, 

coatings and other surface material to make differentiate without harming the base material.

3) Laser Engraving: Laser etching is innovation in light of the same procedural rule, 

laser-initiated removal through liquefying or potentially dissipation of the substrate.

4) Laser Etching: This procedure is normally used to make lasting part checking. 

Drawing is regularly an exceptionally shallow surface evacuation to make differentiate.

5) Laser Annealing: Laser tempering makes a changeless stamp initiated by warm 

without evacuating or trading off the material.



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