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7050/9060 co2 laser cutting machine

Laser engraving  and cutting machine with CO2 sealed laser tube.
 Able to engrave and cut most non-metal materials  like acrylic, wood, leather, MDF, plywood, bamboo, rubber, asbestos rubber, paper, PVC, foam, EVA, plastic, etc.
co2 laser cutting machine working size as follow:
400*600mm ,700*500mm .900*600mm ,1000*800mm ,1300*900mm ,1600*1000mm,1800*1200mm ,1300*2500mm 
ect working size 

Product Description:

900*600mm co2 laser cutting machine

Liaocheng bofet laser  technology co.ltd  is one of the most professional  laser machine supplier

and manufacturers in China Our main products as follow:co2 laser machine, Metal

fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine.

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Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine is used to engrave many kinds of non-metal materials, 

such as acrylic, bamboo products, cloth, plastic, marble, glasses, woods, PVC. etc.

This engraver can process Plexiglas products, acrylic display panel lenses, wood carving,

 wood percutaneous flowers, and advertising products, crystal characters, packing boxes, 

models, toys and furniture.It is specially designed for high-speed engraving and the large extended raising

9060.jpg The co2 laser cutting machine working size  normally has  

400*600mm ,700*500mm .900*600mm ,1000*800mm ,1300*900mm ,1600*1000mm,1800*1200mm ,1300*2500mm 

ect working size

Being Manufacture of the laser cutting machine, We can aslo customzied the laser machine size , function, Controller, type

ect as clients market reqruiment

If you want to customzied your own design of the laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


The co2 laser cutting machine install with Famous ruida controller , 

easy to use and operation during the non metal material engraving and cutting  working 


   The high Accuracy and good quality industrial laser head, aslo can be with auto focus function if need,微信图片_20240412101508_副本.jpg

   Famous brand TAIWAN SHAC  linear rail can be engraving and cutting with high precision and high speed, 

Engraving speed up 800-900mm/s,

application material _副本_副本.jpgThere aslo have oprtional parts for co2 laser cutting machine such as  water chiller 

cw3000, cw5000 cw5200 ect, aslo have the standard rotary , (rotation ) or simple


the co2 laser cutting machine can be working with mostly the non metal materials

such as acrylic , plexiglass /Pmma ,Perspex cutting and engraving, 

aslo more widly using for Orgamic board, Doble color sheet , Plywood , Leather

and Fabric cutting .

When you want to do the cutting or engraving on these non metal materials

do not hesitate to contact with bofetlaser to get more details about the laser

cutting machines 

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