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1000W sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

Keyword:                        Metal laser cutting machine,
                                       Fiber laser cutting machine 
Cutting Speed	               100m/min
Cooling Mode	               WATER COOLING
Control System Brand    Cypcut
Applicable Material  	Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
Cutting Area	               3000*1500mm
Place of Origin	       Shandong, China

Product Description:

3015 sheet metal fiber  Laser Cutting Machine

1000w sheet metal Fiber laser cutting machine  has now developed into a supreme technology 

in modern laser industry by virtue of its special advantages.

 fiber laser cutting machine technology almost approaches perfection which is shown 

by its higher precision, delicate quality, faster speed, cleaner work, as well as lower

 cost of the whole cutting process.

The fiber laser cutting machine widly used in aluminum , stainless steel cutting , In

The Metal industrial such as carbon steel factory  ,stainless steel sheet factory used

for its cutting , 


The metal fiber laser cutting machine working with laser source  , Controller card 

Raytool head   ,which can cut the carbon steel, Stainles steel ect with 

high speed and  good performance.

Fiber laser cutter works best for a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, 

galvanized sheets, copper plates, aluminum plates and so on. And its application can involve advertising 

signage, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment, etc.

 Although there are so many types of materials and applications to be selected, you should make your 

own choice before starting a fiber laser cutting business.

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