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Floor type fiber laser marking machine 100w

Fiber laser marking machine advantage:
 1.High precision and speed. 
2.Wide range power source and various 
3.metal and non-metal application materials. 
4.World famous brand components.
5.Different configuration can be customized.

Product Description:

DESKTOP Metal fiber laser marking machine 

The desktop fiber laser marking machine is a laser marking system that uses fiber laser as an energy source. 

It uses fiber lasers to create high-quality, precise marks on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

The desktop fiber laser marking machine usually consists of a laser generator, a marking head, a computer control system, 

and a workbench. The laser generator generates a high-power laser beam, which is focused on the surface of the material to

 be marked by the marking head. The computer-controlled system allows the user to create and manipulate designs, logos or

 text to be marked on the material. The workbench provides a stable platform for the material to be marked.

Some of the benefits of using a desktop fiber laser marking machine include its ability to create wear-resistant permanent marks, 

its precision and accuracy, and its speed, which allows for high-volume production. Additionally, fiber laser generators are energy 

efficient and require little maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses that need to mark a large number of products.



Ø Metals: Gold, silver, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, name card

Ø Non-metal: Plastic: engineering plastic and hard plastic, etc. Used in electronic components integrated circuits, 

mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses watch and clocks, computer keyboard, accessories,

 auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc.



BFT- 20S 30S  50S/100W

Laser power                                  

20W 30W 50W /100W

Laser source

Max/Raycus /JPT

Supports graphical format                          


Beam quality

m2 <2

Power stability

(8h) <± 1% rms

Pulse repetition frequency            

20KHZ ---- 100KHZ

Power consumed


Minimum line width                        


Minimum character                        


Laser Wavelength                        


Galvanometer Size                      

110 * 110mm 150*150mm200*200mm 300*300mm

Whole machine power



Win32bit+EZCAD marker system

Cooling way

Air cooling

Operating voltage                        

110/220V ± 10% /,50/60HZ

Ambient operating temperature      

15 ° C - 35 ° C




plywood wooden packaging

Desktop Design

Desktop fiber laser marking machineFeaturing a benchtop design, this laser marking machine is the perfect solution for those who need precise marking capabilities in a compact, convenient package.

Detail pics of the fiber laser marking machine 

High-Speed Galvanometer

High-speed galvanometers are selected to ensure high-quality and efficient laser marking. It is responsible for controlling the position of the laser beam, and its high-speed capability enables precise and fast laser marking.

lens of the fiber laser marking machine Using a high-quality field lens helps to 

ensure the proper focus of the laser beam and accurate 

control of the marking area. The lens is designed to provide crisp, clear images that are easy to

 read and interpret. It is also capable of producing the fine lines and intricate details necessary for high-precision marking.

head and lens_副本.jpg

LMCV4 EZCAD Controller

Featuring the state-of-the-art LMCV4 EZCAD controller, it is a control system specially designed for laser marking machines, offering a high level of functionality and flexibility, making it an invaluable tool for a wide variety of marking applications.

card and software_副本.jpg

accessoreis with machine_副本_副本.jpg

Rotary Axis Device

A rotary axis unit can be added upon request, which rotates the workpiece while marking, enabling marking on cylindrical and round objects. The unit can accommodate a range of workpiece diameters and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes.

Product Application

The desktop laser marking machine can mark metal (steel, titanium, copper, gold, silver, 

including rare metals) materials and some non-metal (plastics, ceramics) materials, especially 

suitable for some fields that require higher precision and smoothness.

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in mobile phone buttons, electronic components, 

communication products, glasses watches, jewelry, luggage button decoration, stainless steel products, etc.



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