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what differents RF co2 laser cutting machine with Glass tube lasers

What Makes RF co2 laser cutting machine Different from Glass

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The RF metal lasers are designed to operate without high voltage or water cooling. This makes RF metal laser cutting machine inherently safer to

 operate in almost any environment.

RF metal lasers are designed to be durable, provide the highest performance with high laser beam quality, offer indefinite service life, 

and help assure operator safety.

The price is more expensive than DC glass tube, but they have a longer lifespan of up to approximately 10,000hours.  

The only drawback of RF tubes is their higher cost; in all other aspects, they outperform glass tubes. They offer better

 engraving results, longer lifespan, and more efficient heat dissipation. Of course, glass tubes also have their advantages.

 How to choose between a metal RF tube and a glass tube? I will explain it to you in 5 minutes.

Laser tube Lifespan

CO2 RF tubes are stable and maintenance-free. They can be recharged and used repeatedly with a lifespan of over 10,000 hours. 

CO2 glass tubes have a relatively shorter lifespan compared to RF Laser Tubes, generally lasting between 2,000 to 4,000 hours. bofetLaser provides a 1-year warranty.

Lifespan also depends on your working environment and maintenance; some glass tubes can last over 5 years.

3.Laser Beam Quality

CO2 metal RF tubes produce high-quality beam spots with a circular and uniform pattern.  Laser also equips them with beam expanders, resulting in a small divergence angle. 

After focusing, a smaller laser point can be achieved.

CO2 glass tubes produce beam spots with a less favorable pattern compared to RF tubes, resulting in larger laser points after focusing. Therefore, in terms of engraving, 

RF Laser Tubes have an advantage, delivering better engraving results.

How to Choose right laser tube

1.Cutting or Engraving

Both RF tubes and Glass tubes can be used
for laser cutting and engraving, but RF tubes provide better engraving results
and faster engraving speeds. If your work focuses on engraving, consider using
an RF tube. If cutting is your primary task, consider a Glass tube. At the same
power level, Glass Tubes are more cost-effective.

2.Industry Applications

Due to its stability and small beam size, RF tubes are commonly used for large-area marking,

 3D printing, as well as high-speed cutting, engraving, and welding of flexible and non-metal solid materials. 

Glass Tubes are often used in industries like leather, clothing, advertising, and non-metal processing.

So any tube co2 laser cutting machine normally 

according your detail requirment. For the new

type RF metal tube laser engraving and cutting machine

when you want to engraving with more dot in same

size suggest you consider this 



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